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What is auto enrolment?

Auto enrolment is the Government’s latest initiative to increase pension savings.

Nearly half of all employees have no pension provision other than the state pension scheme. To help overcome this, the Government has implemented new workplace pension reforms that impose new duties on employers to make mandatory pension provision for their employees. At the core of these reforms is the requirement for employers to include certain employees (known as eligible jobholders) in a pension scheme automatically (known as auto enrolment).

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What is auto enrolment?

When does auto enrolment start for employers?

What does an employer need to do to meet auto enrolment requirements?

What are the three categories of worker and what are the employer duties for each category?

What are the minimum contributions that must be paid into an Auto Enrolment Pension scheme?

Do I have to use Qualifying Earnings as the definition of pensionable pay?

Can employers get help with Auto Enrolment?

Will my existing company pension plan meet the Auto Enrolment requirements?

Are there any penalties if an Employer fails to meet their Auto Enrolment duties?

How can an Adviser help with Auto Enrolment?