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The Six Stages of the Client Process

Cestrian Client Process Stage 1
Initial Enquiry

When you first contact us, we will ask you for a brief overview of how you would like us to help. We shall then arrange a convenient appointment for you and write to you with details of how we work. We will also send a fact-find and risk questionnaire that we ask you to complete and return to us before the meeting, so we can prepare in advance and use the time we spend together focusing on your needs rather than filling in forms.

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Stage 2
Initial Meeting

To create the best plan for you we need to fully understand your objectives and aspirations, so we will take time discussing these with you, to ensure you have identified them all and to help you prioritise them.

The initial meeting is at our expense and without obligation for you. We will write to you to confirm your needs and what you hope to achieve, so you can be sure we have understood your objectives correctly. The letter will also confirm the cost of the work and ask you to return to us confirmation that you wish us to act for you.

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Stage 3
Prepare Financial Plan

To prepare your plan we will, with your authority, gather detailed information about your current arrangements so we can take these fully into account.

The plan will show you how to achieve your objectives taking into account your view of risk, whilst maximising tax efficiency and investment opportunities.

To identify the best way forward for you we employ:
Leading risk assessment tools and processes
Sophisticated asset allocation techniques
Extensive research capabilities and
Detailed analysis tools

We will explain both the advantages and disadvantages of our recommendations and send the plan to you with supporting information in advance of our next meeting so that you can digest it and consider any questions you might like to ask.

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Stage 4
Discuss plan and agree next step

At the meeting we will take you through the plan, explaining each aspect (in plain English), and answering your questions. We can adapt your plan if you wish to make changes and then, if you would like to proceed, implement the plan for you.

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Stage 5

To implement the plan it will usually be necessary to complete some paperwork and we will take care of the hard work for you. We will arrange each stage of the implementation and let you know the timescale involved. We will coordinate relevant parties such as your accountant, solicitor and the providers of your existing and any new arrangements.

Once everything is in place we will then collate all the documentation, check it and, if you would find it useful, arrange a meeting to go through it all with you and answer any further questions.

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Stage 6
Regular Reviews

In any financial plan it is necessary to review progress to take account of any changes in your objectives, attitude to risk or financial circumstances, as well as changes in investment markets, the wider economy and the relative competitiveness of each investment.

The frequency and method of these reviews will depend on the complexity of the plan but they would often be annual face to face meetings at our offices.

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